We have the ability to fulfill orders of any size, and do not have any specific quantity requirements. However, the production process incurs setup costs, which can make orders under 200 units more expensive. Additionally, we rely on our suppliers for raw materials such as fabric and trimmings, and their availability and delivery times can impact our ability to fulfill smaller orders.

The production process for your garment, whether it involves manufacturing, screen printing, or embroidery, incurs a setup cost to prepare the item. To clarify, when screen printing a garment, we must first confirm that the digital file is ready for printing and that the colour layers have been correctly separated. Following this, we create film positives, which are used to expose the design onto light-sensitive mesh screens. The ink passes through the screens during the printing process. Usually, the setup cost is a one-time payment because the initial preparation is complete and does not need to be repeated.

The amount of time it takes for us to produce a garment depends on how quickly we can obtain the necessary fabric and the size of the order. We usually have a stock of basic colours available, but it can take up to 8 weeks for some fabrics to become available. Smaller orders can be completed more quickly and delivered within 4 weeks of sample approval. We can also work to meet your deadlines and optimize our procedures for faster turnaround times. Our status as a complete clothing company allows for a more rapid and efficient order process since everything is handled in-house.

Most of our fabrics are procured locally in order to support the South African textile industry. We do occasionally import fabrics, but only when they are unavailable due to production limitations within the country. We work closely with our suppliers to acquire a range of colours, designs, washes, and effects, and ensure that the level of quality and detail is up to par. Our standard stock fabrics include 145gsm and 160gsm single jersey made of combed and carded 100% cotton or polycotton blends for mélanges, slubs, and other variations.

Adobe Photoshop (.psd) files are preferable, but we also accept (.png) and Illustrator (.ai) files. All non-vector (pixel) files need to be at least 300dpi. All font layers need to be rasterized or converted to outlines. All backgrounds or colours that you do not want to print need to be clearly labelled.

Yes, we are a level 1 BBBEE contributor. Our company is committed to support and develop local industries as much as possible.

To produce an accurate quote and ensure that we can fulfil your requirements, it is crucial for us to have access to a significant amount of information. The list below outlines the types of details we require:

  • Garment specifications, for example, a men’s raw-edge crew-neck T-shirt
  • Quantities
  • Preferred fabric weight and colour
  • Size range, starting from XS to XXL
  • Details on print and embroidery sizes, placements, techniques, and the number of colours
  • Any design references, such as visual files that illustrate your needs.
  • A product sample, if available, to understand the fabric, fit, and finishing
  • An approximate date of when the order is required.


Yes, we provide a complete garment embellishment service to our clients, which allows us to have complete oversight of the manufacturing process from beginning to end. This unique advantage enables us to offer a diverse range of techniques and effects that can significantly enhance the value of your apparel.

Our main focus is on producing and distributing modern attire for men, women, and children, including T-shirts, golfers, hoodies, tracksuits, and sweaters. Occasionally, we can create other clothing and accessories depending on their design complexity and the quantity requested. To begin, it’s best to send us a detailed description of your needs, along with a tangible sample, and we will provide guidance accordingly.

Absolutely! We have a highly skilled design team that can handle a range of creative tasks, including developing initial concepts and executing final graphics ready for print, all while prioritizing your brand’s objectives. Furthermore, we place great importance on keeping up with local and international fashion trends to ensure our designs are current and based on up-to-date market insights.

Certainly, we offer a comprehensive garment solution that includes labelling and swing tag application. We can use labels you provide or source them for you. Our service covers both light and heavy garments. Additionally, we can fold each garment individually and package them in sealed polybags, preparing them for delivery.

Yes, we collaborate with local courier companies to ensure that your order is dispatched reliably and promptly.